Saturday, 4 September 2010

Exeter Fall Out

Benson came in last week and it looked like the final piece of the jig saw was in place after a pretty reasonable début against his previous employers.  After 90 minutes today the league début seemed to be going ok, not spectacular, but with a poor refereeing decision in the 91st minute a steady start to the season has been turned on its head and the message boards are ringing with recriminations against the team, the new player & manager.

Benson is Parkies biggest signing for Charlton and there is a danger that after two goalless games the fans will turn on him.  I was listening to Dario Gradi on the radio this morning, he was saying how expectations in our society  had changed to be less tolerant and needing instant success and how this had crept into football.

And so it is with Charlton, a steady start with two victories, a draw and a defeat has been extended to two defeats and fans are predicting relegation, Parkies sacking ............ total disaster.  God help us if we go a goal down next week ..... in Turkey they sacrifice a goat on the pitch don't they? Parkie kamikaze on the pitch maybe?

We need to get a grip and accept some lows and hope for some highs, especially at this stage of the season.  The doom mongers maybe right, they maybe wrong but lets at least let the season to get started before we bay for blood ......................................................... please

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Miss Kish said...

Typical Kap, before the match everyone was saying how hard Exeter are to beat at home over 90 mins. The penalty looked harsh, although from the ref's viewpoint acceptable. Now with hindsight it's a game we should have won etc., etc. Relegation looms and it's only just September. Fans don't you just love 'em.