Wednesday, 1 September 2010

babies at the valley. Charlton 1-0

A good perspective on last nights game by Casual Chat.  Looks like Brentford, Aldershot or Southend in the next game.

Whilst we decry games like these as meaningless they are steps up from freindlies and because of the 6 player rule allows us to see regular first team players, well six of them, as well as prospects.

Because these games are well priced it also allows non regulars through economic reasons to attend and for Mums and Dads to bring their kids for an early experience of the Valley.  One dad was looking forward to the experience of bringing his family along only to leave at half time because of the yoof.  this is taken from Charlton Life 

"Tennis60 said: ''Not a great night, went with my 2 boys (aged 7 and 9), their mother and my mother. We were seated right at the far end of the west lower near to the away fans and amongst a load of teenagers who wanted to stand up and eff and blind constantly. Unlike a normal matchday there was nowhere else to sit so we left before half time. A total waste of £40.''

I saw you and your family group and noticed you leave. I was right behind you with my two (adult) sons and we felt very sorry for you. I presume the teenage idiots who upset you were the same ones who couldn't even queue for a drink at half time without getting in a fight. You were lucky you weren't still around for that!"

It seems that the Club are content to allow this behaviour on league match days and tin pot trophy days, which is disappointing and in long term commercial terms a negative.  Recently Richard Murray said that the club would publish a request in the program for these fans to desist from singing the "Incest" song.  It would be too difficult to take proactive action.  I'm sorry but a note in the program does not wash, ok I can understand not pulling people out of the crowd ... the innocent could get caught in the melee, but strategically placed senior stewards and cctv will identify who the culprits are and enable action to be taken (especially on League match days when ticket purchasers maybe identifiable).

Whilst the club will deny that they are encouraging, what in my opinion is anti social behaviour, it is plain to see that they do, albeit "encouragement by apathy", they cannot say they disagree with it and then ignore it, by doing so they encourage it.  Don't blame the yoof, blame the club.

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