Wednesday, 4 February 2015

The Trust makes its move ...

The Trust has to date taken a view of working closely with the ownership regime, however following Katrien Meire telling the fans that they just have to accept Rolands way and now an unwillingness to engage further on the plans for the clubs future, the Trust has decided to get stuck in and roll its sleeves up, here is its statement.

"Further to our statement of 14th January 2015, the Charlton Athletic Supporters' Trust wrote to the club's CEO Katrien Meire to follow up our offer to discuss the growing anxiety of supporters about the direction of the club, and how they might be better involved.
We have received a disappointing response. Whilst Ms Meire has suggested that we meet with a colleague to discuss what the club needs to do to maintain and grow the fanbase, she declined any dialogue on the vital matter of where the club is heading.
Her explanation - that she had nothing more to tell supporters regarding the direction of the club - reminds us of her words " To read on Click here