Saturday, 31 January 2009

The Robin dropped

The Red Red Robin is less relevant to the Charlton team today than ever and it has beeen decided to drop the Red Red Robin by the Board for something they felt was more relevant, for this season at least, so the team will be greeted as they run out by a rendition from the Who

followed by the naming of the team.

Sunday, 25 January 2009

The Wall of Sound Grows Louder

Not since Leaburn has a striker caused so much debate in the club as Chris Dickson, ex hamlet and £35,000 striker. He did himself no harm yesterday with his cameo performance resulting in his 1st goal of the season and his 2nd of his Charlton career.

Parkinson now comes under pressure to play Dickson in the big one on Tuesday. Charlton life message board strongly pushes for Dickson to gain his first league start for Charlton, with both logical and emotional debate. The interesting thing is not those that have been clamouring for his inclusion for two season now, but the rest of us, who recognise a player with limited ability, with the exception of one golden nugget of skill - he knows wher the back of the onion bag is.

Why this change of position from the non believers, well in all honesty he is the last hope. He may not be the player to hold up the ball, play crafty passes etc,. but if he gets the chance then more of us would back him to score than anyother player on our books and what we need now is someone who can score, someone who can inspire - If anyone can Chris can.

Yesterdays second half performance sounded like a real battling Charlton and if I was Parkinson I would be sorely tempted to maintain the side with maybe two exceptruion, Randolph for Elliot and Kelly Youga, who the Sheffield commentators highlighted as Sheffields best player in the second half - what happened to the player that returned from Scunthorpe, who some of us were afraid would be poached by a Prem club.

I have come to the conclusion that we will not get out of the relegation plight that we are in, so Tuesdays game becomes important for the fans beyond the gaining of points but for self esteem and prestige. I don't knw any palace fans, but I hear that they are enjoying our plight (as we have theirs), fans have been receiving directions to third tier grounds and comments such as "shala la ... whose laughing now." Parky and the boys need to give us something to smile about on Tuesday, somethong to take with us to harlepool and Scunthorpe next season.