Tuesday, 29 March 2011

The Dreaded Last Ten

Every year Richard Sheppard of the Rose of Denmark - Rodsters pre match drinking group - acts as a match by match unofficial club stats historian and one of the most interesting is when he tracks our last 10 matches performance.  Notoriously in the premiership we would set out the deck chairs in March and allow the season to drag to a grindingly boring conclusion.

Dick Sheppard, bottom left in an Uncle Albert look a like competition 

In the play off final season we competed in all our end of season games and of 30 points we bagged 26.  That season stands out and since then season ending managers have failed to compete, with the exception of Parkie last season getting 18 out of 30 points.  Other than that, Parkinson, Pardew and Curbishley failed to deliver more than 50% of the points during their tenure.

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In 13 seasons Parkies relegation season was the 4th best delivering 12 points out of 30, reflecting the turnaround that he achieved that season but still below 50% of the points on offer and one of the reasons we went down.

In the title winning season the last 7 games delivered only 4 points as we limped to glory.

Chris Powell does not have a lot to live up to in the last few games of the season, but lets hope we can out perform a team he was in in 2002 /2003.

Dick Sheppard along with fellow Rodtsers Matt and Mike Robinson
Thanks to Dick for the stats and lets hope next season they are a little bit more positive.