Sunday, 11 January 2009

Forest win 2-0

I am looking at the wall and the writing is on it. I have never felt so despondent about a season as this, if relegation from the Prem was disastrous then a further drop down inti tier three is going to be catastrophic. Effectively we are 8 points from safety, we get punished for every mistake we make, every keeper that comes to the Valley plays out of their skin and we don't get the lucky breaks. They say that over a season your luck evens out, so we are going to be so lucky for the next few games it will seem uncanny.

Today, a mistake by Hudson / Murty resulted in Forests first shot on target finding the back of the net, minutes later, Mr dependable Holland, my Man Of The Match last week, headed back which Earnshaw picked up and slotted past Elliot and that was it, we huffed and we puffed, but we could not blow the Forest down. We had three shots well saved during the match and dominated possession.

Next week, I make my first away game of the season at Wednesday, after 18 games without a win, I know we must get one sooner or later and I want to be there when it happens, I just don't know when that will be.

Ps The minutes applause was really good.