Saturday, 17 July 2010

Pardew's Folly's Fly

Just after Pardew joined and we were full of optimism, despite being in the relegation positions in the Prem, he and Minty held a fans forum meeting in Kent.  Pardew talked optimistically of our avoiding relegation, but in the event of relegation his knowledge of the Championship would result in a rapid return.  His comments focussed on the type of player needed in the Championship,basically experienced, hard  nosed championship players.  The guy knew what he was talking about, but then contradicted everything he had said with his buying strategy.  Lest we forget he brought in players at the begining of their careers or from the lower leagues or both.  Semedo, Racon, Varney, McLeod, Sinclair, Fleetwood, Dickson, Moutakill, Iwelumo, Christensen, none who met his brief.  Does anyone remember Dorian Smith? - No me neither but I am reminded by a fellow addick.

Adding insult to injury these players were brought in on unrealistic wages making it difficult to move them on.  However, this has been a culling summer, 24 players have left the Valley, not all Pardews purchases, but the worst of the failures have gone at no small cost to the club, Moutakill and McLeod have both had pay offs.  To think for so little we paid £1.1mill for Mcleod, allegedly £8,000 a week for Moutakill.

The Pardew legacy now is Semedo, a player I could still see leaving, although not because he has failed but because he has grown and is becoming the holding midfielder we wanted him to be.  Pardew either stated or has the reputation for a shot gun approach to player recruitment, buy loads and some may work out.  For the working out lets say Semedo and Bailey, otherwise even Racon is questionable, talented as he is, as Kinsella has said he does not play for the shirt, nor has he shown an attitude that matches his alleged talent.  The other legacy is a once proud Premiership team, now in its 2nd year in the the third tier.

This close season it has been difficult to keep track of the goings, but of Pardews follies we wave a cheerful goodbye to Moutakill, McLeod, Fleetwood, Dickson, Sinclair.

Cheerio, Cheerio, Cheerio!
Cheerio, Cheerio, Cheeeeeerio!