Friday, 11 June 2010

Top heavy relief

So Waggott has gone, well not quite. Timing is everything and for Peter Varney it was good, although his contribution to the success cannot be doubted, for Waggott he came on at a time when the club was in decline and failed to be able to do anything to prevent it continuing. Who knows where we would be if Varney had not left the ship when he did, but I suspect it would not have been a lot different today.

I met Waggott at City Addicks and also liased with him when a former employer of mine had 1,800 worldcup 2006 footballs for promotions in 2008. I organised for some of these to be donated to Charltons african activities and liaised with Steve about it. He seemed a nice guy. Sadly being nice does not mean you do a good job. We'll never know what his brief was and therefore we cannot really judge how effective he was. What we do know is that a club in spiralling decline and debt cannot afford to have the top heavy management to the value that is alleged or even half of it.

I wish Steve all the best and hope that he never has to put up with the vitriol that some threw his way on Charlton Life or be let down by his colleagues discussing his value in open forums.