Friday, 18 December 2009

Be Careful what you wish for!!

Be careful what you wish for. Having at first been distressed at the thought that soft porn barons Gold and Sullivan, the Valley faithful have turned their distress to the fact that the target is not in South London but across the river to one of our temporary homes at Upton Park. As we all know the initial bid is unlikely to be accepted by the Icelandic owners of West Ham and now that the Icelandic’s have been given an extension on solving their debt situation. For Gold and Sullivan that is bad news, as it gives time for alternative investment to be found, West Ham will be relegated by the time they can take ownership and the Icelandic’s have taken a dislike to Gold and Sullivan, following the latter pair revealed the nature of their bid.
If the Gold and Sullivan bid fails and they decide not to pursue their interest then apparently we are next on the list, which does not seem to be all bad. I am wary however of any white knights flying in to save us. A year ago we were looking at the white nights of Dubai, but where would we be now following the collapse of that principality, would we have been part of the bail out from the Emirates or would a football club be seen as superfluous to requirements and sold some where on the cheap. It did not happen, so nothing to worry about there.
But what of other white knights, Portsmouths plight is horrendous, bought by Middle East businessman( a), with promises of investment, ignoring a consortium led by Peter Storey, no money is forthcoming except a £1 coin from Middle East businessman (b) and of course promises of investment, nothing has been forthcoming, players keep on receiving delayed payments and the club seems to be racing between relegation and administration. Pompey are not alone, Mark Hughes may have had a lot of money to spend on Man City this summer, but this is through new owners, the last new owners were not the most reputable with the ex Thai President Thaskin who was wanted in his homeland for various misdemeanours, not a fit and proper person. Are these just exceptions, because the big clubs the established leaders would not be affected, would they? Are then there are the yankee duo, who have created confusion and disarray at Anfield . I wonder how the fans at Notts County are feeling, they were as if not more euphoric than us, they saw the dream, former England manager as Director of football and even better news it was not Peter Taylor, but where are they now, they are a club with no Sol and the only good news there is still no Peter Taylor, they got rid of a decent manager and now his replacement has walked out.
So where did we begin, aah! Gold & Sullivan, a fine pair, not forgetting Karen Brady. Would they be good for us, well we are in a similar position to Birmingham when they were taken over and look what they did for them. So this trio would potentially be good for us, but anyone expecting a continuation of the cosy relationship that we have experienced under the tutelage of Richard Murray are seriously deluded. The trio have no affection for Charlton, no link with our fans no ties to the area, they are in this for one thing and one thing only ……… Profit. If we sell to Gold and Sullivan then we may well reach back in to the promise land of the Premiership, we may too see un pronounceable names from far distant lands in our first team, and we may see success of mid Premiership obscurity, but there is a cost and that cost is a remote ownership, who will after a few years sell up for profit and then we will be on the merry go round that has afflicted football ownership for recent times.
Whatever happens in the short term the long term stability we once had under Murray, Curbishley and Varney has gone and will never return in any form,before long Charlton will be just another club,it will be sad but total demise would be the only option. On the plus side for us older fansd there is always the shapely Mrs Peschcilido to ogle at whilst Man U are stuffing us.