Thursday, 2 September 2010

Curbs for Villa, or the curse of Charlton management

Apparently Randy Lerner (Man with a pornstars name) is in talks with Curbs regarding the role at Villa.  Hopefully I will have to eat my words, which were that Curbs would not get another job with an established Premier club, I in fact had suggested he go to Southampton and work his way back.

That said I fear there is a curse on ex Charlton managers at the moment.  No one who has managed Charlton - other than the current incumbent - is in a management role.  Of course the two leg-ends who stand out are Curbs, jobles since his departure from West Ham and Lennie Lawrence who has returned to his roots and is advising Carshalton Athletic.  Dowie is the serial emergency manager who has been brought in to promote QPR and save first newcastle and then Hull, of course faikled at all three and got sacked at Coventry, Les Reed has correctly gone back to his roots and become coaching director at Southampton, where ex fans favourite, with an emphasis on ex, Alan pardew got sacfked after just over a year and a 4-0 away win.   Added to this motley crew there is another leg-end stevie Gritt, unceremoniiously released at the end of his contract by Charlton, Alan Mullery whose ugly mug pops up on Sky Sport to tell other managers how to do it - those that can, do - those that can't pontificate!!!

Sooner or later, Curbs, pardew and Dowie will be back in managemnt roels, if they want to be but for how long will each last I wonder.

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