Monday, 28 July 2014

Bob Peeters - who are ya? ...... corrected

During my time ad a Charlton fan I have seen a fair few managers, my first was Eddie Firmani, followed by Theo Foley and subsequently Andy Nelson, then I missed a few years until Lennie Lawrence, probably our greatest manager in my recollection, Gritt and Curbs and then Curbs.  Over that period managerial stability was the byword for Charlton.  Since Curbs nice sacking we have been a managerial basket case. Our latest incumbent is like many of his predecessors, inexperienced. However, we wait with eager anticipation to see what manager he is.

Since Curbs we have had four managers determined to build the team and two who had to make do and get on with the job. Those two being Les Reed and Jose Riga. Reed, a failure and Riga a success. Bob does not have to make do, he has not got the riches of Kermogant, Stephens, Hamer and Poyet but he has been given ample investment to compensate.

Bob stands alongside Dowie, Pardew, Parkinson and Powell as a manager rebuilding the playing side of the club.

Dowie and Pardew broke the bank of our club to bring in players but the walls of the club were made of sand and despite the investment the walls fell down and the club was left in turmoil.

Parkinson despite an ignominious start began the rebuilding process and with 2 1/2 pence in his pocket built a team capable of competing for a promotion place, whereas Powell came in was given money and secured that promotion place. But for both Powell and Parkinson it was not about player investment it was about getting players to gel and eke out enough ability to ensure that the whole was greater than the sum of the parts.

So what will Bob be? A Dowie Pardew or a Parkinson Powell. In less than two weeks we will begin a journey to find out and I hope it's the latter for all our sakes.