Monday, 6 April 2015

Same old same old.

So same old same old it is then.

This will not go down as my favourite Good Friday ever, to say by the end I was a little cross is an understatement.  It all started so well in East Dulwich at the Cherry Tree with a pint or 3 with a couple of friends an dended with a row with another "mature" Charlton fans who seemed to be taking his annoyance at the result, the performance and the "lock in" out on an innocent bus driver at New Cross Gate.

It seems to me that the season is now well and truly over, a positive result from the Toolbox, would have carried the fans and the players to the end of the season, but now it looks and feels like it will juts peter out.

Now all we have to look forward to is more internal fighting over the ownership politics that the "Don Quixotes" of the club seem to be pursuing and Millwalls last gasp avoidance of relegation as they put Blackpool, Wigan and Rotherham down.  I don't begrudge Millwalls win, they were no where near us in terms of skill and class but they wanted it and ultimately got it.  My Man of The match goes to their Mike Russell, who was outstanding for them.

Fans singing we'll never play you again to the opposition never get it right, as we have found to our cost.  I sang that to Palace many years ago and now look at us.

"You'll never beat the Millwall" - We will, but if they don't avoid relegation it maybe many years from now before we are in a position to.

Meanwhile those at the beam back must be pig sick that they missed the atmosphere of the rain, the obnoxious knuckle draggers, being held back for 45 minutes, our fans throwing plastic bottles on the pitch (and on their fellow fans).

Sadly can't make Fulham tomorrow -