Friday, 27 February 2009

Well done Jonjo

Shame about the theory driving test!!! Happy Birthsday.

Swans Take on Robins

Charlton go to Swansea in what, if we win, will be a must win game. Of course a draw will do, but a loss will take the wind out of our sails and Parkie will need to start the potential momentum again, which I cannot see happening.

It feels very much like the games after the West Ham win in the Prem., a brief flurry then a splutter and finally the Blackburn game when Thatchers sending off and a 4-1 defeat extinguished all hope. We have to build momentum, if we are to have a barnstorming finish to the season.

On the negative side, despite the win and draw against Plymouth and Barnsley, in both games there were times when the opposition could have taken us and it was down to their own poor form that we were in a position to get the 4 points total. However, that in itself has to be the beginnings of the foundations for a run. Swansea is not one of the lesser lights of the Championship. Since our victory on the opening day of the season, they have pulled their socks up and ours have rolled down. They have been hailed as the best footballing side outside the Prem., so we do have our hands full tomorrow.

On the positive, we also played very well in both those games and once we became confident looked like a good balanced side. Swansea had a hard mid week game against Fulham both physically and emotionally, hopefully this will tell. We need to keep it tight early doors. Being an open footballing side means we may have the opportunity to exploit gaps that they create, especially if they tire as the game goes on.

I am not over optimistic, but if nothing else in this league has been proven then its unpredictability has. Top Clubs Birmingham, Reading and Wolves are spluttering, Doncaster have just put together a winning run to counter the relegation threat, Cloughie Junior is turning his dad’s team into the team that Paul Jewell was never going to create. So Why can’t Charlton do it on Saturday and why can’t we win our next 3 games (apart form the historical fact that we have not had three on the trot since???). I’d live with 7 points out of 9, even 6 out of 9 anything less and I think the hope may die.

Imagine in 9 days time, Sunday morning Charlton have picked up 9 points out of 9 - Yes we can, will be resounding around South London, Kent and far flung countries of the world - Yes we can.

PS Happy Birthday Jonjo - the boy done good!!!