Saturday, 20 June 2009

No News, Any News

What is happening? There are no mixed messages coming out of the Valley... because there are no messages coming out of the Valley. Rumours abound.

Peter Varney is heading a consortium thats Irish, Arabic, Nigerian,Chinese ... its not confirmed,its not denied.

Kinsella and Parkinson have cleared their lockers at Sparrow Lane, but its not confirmed, but its not denied ..maybe they have not told Parkinson, after all he is still talking to the South london Press about the fixtures, the Players etc.

The 23rd is suppossed to be D-Day,but whoh as set the D-Day,after all its another rumour - it may even be a story madeupon a message board.

Another rumour that has not been dispelled is that after the Norwich game the board got locked in the board room and nobdy has realised,hence no comment from them.