Saturday, 2 June 2007

So its over........

The final Premiership Meeting of the Season was held yesterday, it is at this meeting that relegated clubs handover their shares in the Premier League and the Promoted clubs receive them. Hopefully Richard Murray was able to pass ours over to Derby with a Library Ticket, return 1st June 2008. For those of an age to remember the US TV series "Branded" with Chuck Connors, I have an image of Murray at this meeting in a Charlton Shirt, facing Richard Scudamore who, to a drum beat, rips the Premiership Logo from the sleeves of our shirt and breaks the stick with the Premiership Flag over his knee, before said Murray salutes turns and Marchs into the wilderness of the fizzy pops League.

We now are in the wilderness as our, Sheffield Utd and Watfords existence is neither acknowledged on the Premier League website nor the Football League website. 14 days to the fixture list.

Tuesday, 29 May 2007

London Relegation

As the rumors of players continue, Luke Young to link up with Curbs, Thomas to go to Birmingham, where Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink may turn up, its difficult to find any information that can ease the pain of relegation.

If anything our performance in a fictional London Premier League was worse than the performance in the overall league. Its not that long ago that we were around third after a long period of being unbeaten, but this term our solitary but outstanding win against West Ham, is the only highlight. I suppose that next season we will only be competing in a league of 3 - Palace and QPR being the only London clubs in addition to ourselves - 12 points sorted??

West Ham......11

Monday, 28 May 2007

New Home For Kish

At some stage over this weekend, as previously mentioned we are expecting to hear about the departure or release of Radostin Kishishev, after being frozen out of our relegation struggle and subject to the one up at Leeds. Its being reported that the new boss at Leicester, Martin "Mad dog" Allen is set to make Kish his first signing (BBC Rumours).

Kish is one of those players you either love or hate. Signed as a right back he was terrible, notably being found out of position in our first season back against Derby resulting in an early two nil deficit, before the management decided he was more of a wing back or midfielder. It was in his mid field role that he played the role of club Jack Russell, running here there and everywhere, often breaking up the oppositions play getting the ball and returning it to them. His best period at the Valley was when Murphy and Smertin were tearing up tree's at the beginning of 2005 / 2006 and he formed the stabilising forcing in the centre until Curbs lost his nerve.

Having spent the end of last season at Leeds where he found his level, it looks like we will come up against him next term, but apart from that, i am sure most Addicks will wish him the best of luck.