Friday, 13 February 2009

Curbs to be snubbed?

The departure of Harry Rednapp seems to have enabled the Portsmouth board to ride rough shod through the club. The appointment of Adams did not seem sensible at the time, maybe it was the Premier League equivalent of appointing Parkinson at Charlton. After the board then sold off some of the family silver, which must have demoralised the players, they then decided it was Adams's lack of ability that caused the decline in the teams performance and he was summarily dismissed to obscurity, will he ever get a amangement game again?

The Pompey job looks tailor made for Curbs and if I was them I would make a beeline up the M11 to take Curbs to their place. He has the ability to push under performing players, is a strong tactician, has been in relegation fights before, but what are they trying to do? Bring in orallist, Sven Goran Ericksson. Ericksson must be looking to ignore their overtures, even if he gets the sack from Mexico. What could he do with a club with no money, ageing defenders and battling nagainst relegation. Pompey need a manager with bottom half table experience and the ability to get a team to grind out results, that man is Curbs.... come on Storie - you know it makes sense.

The times they are a changing

About five years ago a documentary series featured Charlton and Plymouth. A senior executive from both clubs swapped roles for a few days. Charlton were premier and Plymouth were tier three. Steve Sutherland, then reporting directly toRichard Murray, represented Charlton. We came over as a bit smug and a bit patronising, whilst the guy from Plylouth seemed over awed by the Premier League club and set up, we were a Club he wanted to emulate on and off the field.

Just a few years later and we languish at the bottom of the table in the 2nd tier and Argyle are just a few places ahead of us. Now we are willing to emulate any one above us, we are seen as a badly run club on the slide. Tomorrow two poor clubs face each other, we need to win, despite havimg given up I know a win will transform us. We have not had a run for years,its about time we did and saved ourselves from the inevitable.