Sunday, 24 February 2013

No apologies

I have never hid the fact that I am a big Phil Parkinson fan. Christua Dailly said that he expected him to achieve big things in his career and today is a stepping stone to that.  I expect Bradford to be thoroughly thrashed today and even if they are,  it is a tremendous achievement by our former scapegoat.

Good luck Parkie have a great day.

The rise and fall of a French man's week

It's been interesting week for Yann hero to zero since tuesday.

On tuesday he went to leicester where he remains a pariah for his failed, cheeky, play off, gallic penalty in the play offs a few seasons ago.

Earlier in the season he was roundly booed by visiting foxes at The Valley only to stuff the jeers back down their throats with a goal and 3 points against the run of play.   Well on Tuesday many addicks expected a serious drubbing but instead an early Yann goal and a late Haynes effort saw us pick pocket another 3 points.

But football is a cruel mistress and after 37 minutes yesterday The Beasts grest week hadvturned to disaster.  Of course watching we felt he was hard done by and wss the victim of an over zealous linesman, but we were wrong.  Yanns petulant kick at  former addick Greg Halford meant a difficult task niw became impossible.

If we had started with my selection,  Yann would have started on the bench.    In the formation we chose Fuller would have been the more sensible selection as he has the power and ability to hold up the ball and bring players into the game.

However,  CP started with Yann but when he departed why did fuller not come on till half time?
For the next three games we are down to 3 strikers again which us fine as long as we don't hearva cacophony of hamstrings snapping, in the meantime CP and the BOARD could do worse than getting a decent central midfield player.