Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Its Just Like Watching Brazil

Ok the caveat to that is the skill level is not quite the same. My first remembered world cup was the 1970 Mexico competition, where Brazil played with the philosophy of whatever you score, we'll be at least one better. This seasons Charlton philosophy seems to be, lets get the score to 2-0, either side and we'll start again!

180 minutes, 12 goals a retaken penalty - I feel a little aggrieved that no red cards were shown. A fellow Addick has been on holiday the last two matches - ha, ha Bruce, so I've been texting the scores as the matches have progressed, I've got repetitive strain injury in my thumb now, thinking of suing him.

There is a good balanced report on the night from Stockport fans.

Prior to Saturday, I was looking for a decent goal, having seen the slightly jammy goals against Scunthorpe and Stoke, I did not mean for the guys to go over board and produce 7 quality finishes, but hey who am I to complain.

I wish I had the guts to say, "Don't strengthen the defence, this is fun." But you just know that it will come back on us.

A clean sheet on Saturday and I'll be happy, a win and that's a bonus.