Thursday, 1 November 2018

My Enemy's Enemy Is My Friend

It comes to something when you see Simon Jordan is at one with Charlton fans but this is another act by Duchatalet. We make strange bedfellows, but there is little we can disagree with ours and Richard Murrays arch nemesis.

"“In four years he’s turned a football club that wasn’t doing well into a club that is now going dreadfully, and everyone around it seems to be disassociated and disenfranchised"

Jordan slates Duchatalet

I'm going to have to disinfect the hands that have typed this as per Sir Thomas More!

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Friday, 5 October 2018

Defence in crisis

Conceding 7 goals in 2 games is not good, but scoring 5 in two away games cannot be sniffed at.  I am not worried too much about Tuesday night, we had a rookie right back, a left side central defender playing out of position, a fourth choice center back and a right back playing left back and none of them having been prepared for that position.

Tomorrow will be a test.  I would doubt my back four will happen but I would like to go for more balance:-
                                       Solly :   Dijksteel:  Pearce:  Sarr

This puts Pearce back in his comfort zone allowing  him to lead more than when he is working out of position. Tuesday we had too many square pegs in round defensive holes, which created leaks. At least whoever Bow plays at the back, he will have had a few days to drill them into the role.

However, with this squad do not think we are anything other than a defensive mistake waiting to happen, but like the Charlton of my youth we will score more than we concede and every game will be exciting.

Personally, I would like to see us find an out of contract player who could fill the role and have him train with us, no fee, if we need him we give him a short term contract , if we don’t he has at least improved his fitness levels.

Monday, 1 October 2018

Lee Bowyer - Re-Invented

As we sit on an unbeaten six game run 5-1-0, it is easy to forget that his return to Charlton as coach was not universally accepted.  As a non white, Asian heritage supporter Bow came back to the club with a lot of undesirable baggage from his past.  However, Robinson brought him in and it was very much a case of like it or lump it and I had no choice but to give him a chance.

It is difficult to get an impression of a coaches personality looking from the stands.  They don’t generally do the post match interview or get involved in the media, so it was not until Bromley Addicks meeting with Robinson and Bowyer that I could form an impression of French Lake Fishing Lee Bowyer.  I was pleasantly surprised by this thoughtful, knowledgeable and sometimes humorous new Lee Bowyer.  It was this exposure to him, more than the results, that has helped me to accept him.

Whilst success as a player does not always duplicate itself on the field of management, you just have to look at the ’66 World Cup winning squad, where only Jack Charlton came anywhere near success.  Bow is our most successful manager from a playing perspective, although some will argue Powell with his England cap count (5).  He played for Leeds and Newcastle when both were top of their game and for the Leeds side that qualified for the Champions League in 1999–2000, and which reached the semi finals of the UEFA Cup in 2000 and the Champions League in 2001. He was voted the Leeds player of the year by supporters in both 1998–99 and 2000–01.
Bow was definitely a winner and a fighter as a player.  If he was against you, you would see a snarling, hard nasty, feral player, but if he was on your side he was a player who we all admire, one who would die for the cause.  The player I would most closely compare Bow to is Roy Keane, a player who would drive his team forward and had a nasty streak, but it appears that Bow has more empathy with other players and those now in his charge.  Many a successful player has failed because they could not understand why the players they were managing could not do the same things that they used to do.  Bow seems well tuned to what his players can achieve and if Keane as manager created a toxic fear ridden dressing room, Bow seems to have created a sanctuary of companionship, team work and camaraderie that has delivered a never die spirit.

If he is hungry enough for it, and I do think that there is a question over that, he could become a very good manager, at a higher level than he currently is.

And as for my views, well every body deserves a 2nd chance, especially when you meet them and they are winning!

Friday, 28 September 2018

Pre match Comments

Lee Bowyer has said about the up and coming match at Luton

“They’re a good side. I’ve watched them against Bristol Rovers and Blackpool.

“They’ve spent wisely this summer. I think they’ve brought in some good players, and I was surprised how good they were really, but it’s going to be tough going there, for sure.

“They move the ball well, they compete, they press high and they get bodies in the box. They’re the team to do that, so they’re dangerous.”

I feel this is the mantra of all football managers, regardless of who we are playing and what level they are playing at.

I know it would be playing hostage to fortune but I would just once love to hear a manager say

"Yeah we will stuff them easily.  I could not believe that they bought him, he is such a donkey, should win by at least 5.  We should walk this easy"

I won't hold my breath

Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Karlan - An old Pro?

Its taken a long time for Karlan Ahearne Grant to come of age .. he literally passed the traditionally accepted marker of 21 years last week.  Many of us have been frustrated by him, not realising it was around 4 years ago that Bob Peters blooded him, at an age when most players are still dreaming of first team football.

Sadly it was not all good, talking to JBG, a few 1st team appearances led to an inflated ego, whilst at the same time the management suddenly dropped him from the 1st team squad with little to no man management to help him understand.  His loan spell to Cambridge was a disaster where he was sent back to us because of his attitude.

Over the years we forgot his age and just despaired at wrong decisions and failure to score.

Last season, George Lapsie made his debut and looked like a rabbit in headlights, both the club and fans this season have given him a second chance and he has rewarded us well.  George Lapslie is OLDER than Karlan Grant

Despite many of us on the terraces, the club has persevered with Karlan and his loan spell to Crawley has built his confidence so that he is looking a goal machine and an assist maker.

To add to his good year, Karlan is no longer under threat of Cypriot legal threat and it will not be long before we are wondering if someone will offer Duchatalet a few shekels and KAG is taken off to pastures green!

Today's article from the Club on Karlan

Monday, 8 August 2016

EFL add to Charlton's PR disasters.

So a whole season and division has passed since my last posting and I look at my last and feel a sense of betrayal or at least disappointment.

Mel Beroni came, PR'd and left, Guy Luzon came bounced up and down and Left, Riga came looked studious and left and so too the fans came and many have now departed.

The positives are the new look team and manager and it won't be until the end of the month that we know if the depth of squad issue will be addressed.

I can't even try and claim that Katrien is with us, as I felt in May 2005, mainly through hers and Duchatalets actions she has alienated herself from the fans, in a way that is is hard to imagine anyone could.  To talk to she is a charming individual, but she has made mistake after mistake.  In those discussions I have had with her she has had some interesting and yes positive ideas about football, which she will be able to contribute to the wider footballing community in her new role.

However, our house is burning down the house for which she is a custodian, if not the custodian and you wonder why on earth she would turn her back on our house fire to participate in what at best is a board room game of English Football.

It appears that Katrien will be with us for a long time to come, it is virtually impossible to find any part of her job, other than being charming that she has succeeded in.  She appears to be impervious to the attacks on her, some of which have been delivered in a tone and language that is totally unacceptable, but she must wear metal knickers because she deflects these attacks every time.

Unlike CARD my single objective is not to get rid of this regime, it is to have the club playing good winning football on the field and the business side of it run efficiently and effectively.  One of the strategies for doing this  is getting the Belgians out and we should run this along with others that also includes playing the waiting game.  In them meantime, we can hope that Katriens networking either finds her her next job or that she is shown the error of her ways by those that know and the direction of the club changes significantly.

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

A Dickensian Year

"It was Best of times, it was the Worst of times."

Charles Dickens summed up the very essence of being a Charlton supporter and of our season in this line from “A Tale Of Two Cities.”

Hope over expectation, Hopes dashed on the rocks of reality … So many phrases can be used for us addicks and the life we lead.

And that’s it 2014/15 is over, the campaign is confined to the history books, we’ve had our highs and our lows and a fair bit in between.

We had a new manager, we loved him, despite his Millwall past and helped by his attempt to smash Uwe Rossler, then we sacked him and we hated him.  We had a new manager, we hated him, then we appointed him and then we loved him.

We had our own peasants revolt. In a cold Hall in Woolwich the rabble roused, it's not about results we said, and the results got better and the rabble dispersed and the Trust appeared to go quiet.

We went unbeaten longer than any  others, neck and neck with Forest. And both Clubs proved, being unbeaten does not win promotion, too many draws and after clutching wins from jaws of a draw, we sunk to a stream of draws and multiple defeats, before we swung back with the SE7 version of total football and a streak of winning games.

Our fans  hit the  depths with a couple of alleged supporters spitting at former player of the year, Scott Carson, but the true Charlton emerged as the perpetrators were roundly condemned by their fellow fans and we rose to the occasion when Bournemouth took over our ground to receive the Championship.

The fantastic Valley pitch
The owners, can we still call them new?, continue to make errors on the customer service front, the catering is not fit for purpose and if ever you wanted to drive people away from buying programmes just ask Charlton. Season ticket prices have stayed low, but the increasing of the upper age concession is unnecessary and a slap in the face to long term supporters. On the other hand the pitch is something to be proud of and the big surprise is that Rotherham came first in the season pitch awards, the new seats were put in place and we are promised a new screen and a credit card entry system – welcome to the 21st century Charlton.

JBG at Eltham Addicks
On the playing field, on the whole the owners have moved forward from the days of Reza Piotr … But Roland can't help himself and we got Le Point and Tucudean, no where good enough, although Le Points recruitment did bring light relief in the fabulous Ghent fans who came to see him, when he was not even selected for the bench. However you balance that with the recruitment of Igor Vetokele and Johan Berg Gudmonson and later Watts, Roger Johnson, Chris Eagles and Diarra, as well as the Ioan's of Bulot and Buyens and the continued development of the youth – Cousins and Gomez – respectively Player and young player of the year.

Of course and finally we have the CEO accused of lying over the management situation, telling the fans that we’ll just have to accept Duchatalets way, the target of an insidious anti campaign, and an uncomfortable train journey, but on the other hand I believe that the managerial situation was her being undermined by her boss, I've worked for people like Duchatalet before and believe me, it's no
Katrien Miere
at Bromley
fun when they cut you off at the knees, she has been charming and more balls than many of the keyboard warriors – continuing to travel with supporters, she has been open with fans at forums but won't be bullied. Overall with me she's in credit but needs to implement some of her ideas with more care and comprehension . The programmes and catering were a shambles and the communication with fans has at times been even worse, although at others has been good. But she shouts with us, she walks with us, she's despondent with us and for now that will do for me.

So that's it . 12th, a non entity of a position, but it has been one of the most interesting seasons supporting Charlton where we have not been looking positively or negatively at getting out of the division.

It may have been the best of times it may have been the worst of times but at least no one lost their head …. Well no one except Bob Peters.