Sunday, 7 October 2012

Supporting Charlton v A top 6 club

For those of you who Charlton is in their blood, i.e. passed down from parent to child, there is no option really to support the family club, although there are an occasional few who support the rival or a so called big club to be contrary.  There are others .......... well me, for whom let alone Charlton not being in their blood football is not in their blood.

So I could have supported anyone, I could have chosen a big club, even now culturally I should not feel the need to be aligned to a second tier club when I could go for a "big club", a club that wins things regularly.  But I don't, through osmosis I was infected with the Addicks bug in the 70's .. or was it The Robins or the Valiants bug which metamorphosed into a fully grown Addick.  When you support an Arsenal, a Man U etc, you expect to win, it is almost pre ordained and when the wheels creak, they rarely fall off - with the exception of at Anfield - out comes a cheque book and the grease to the wheel is applied.  Imagine how Man U fans would have been if they had beaten Blackpool, not 1-0, 2-0 lets say 4-0, would their fans have responded with any more than a shrug of the shoulder.  But us, we are ecstatic and whether you were there or at home listening to Charlton player or at Dulwich Hamlet (as I was) the result shoots joyful adrenalin through your veins.

When you support a Charlton, you will be hit by lows, constantly and repeatedly - look at our last 5-7 seasons, but when you hit a high, I would not swap that high ... whether that high is a one off game like yesterday or a season like last season then there is nothing like it.  Man U can stick their Premierships and their FA Cups and their Champions Leagues and their COC's 'cause there is nothing that beats a win for Charlton , because yes our lows are low but our highs are not high they are astronomical and thats why supporting Charlton surpasses supporting the teams with milk, silver and honey.