Sunday, 8 March 2009

Kandol flames hope

But all too briefly. I knew after Doncaster we were down, but the faint flame of hope remained and yesterday the results went our way, so a win would have generated expectation. So I have to thank the players for extiguishing all hope and expectation, I don't have to hurt for the rest of the season and just prepare myself for the season ahead.

So what does that season threaten,well new teams to play - Orient, if they can save themselves etc,. and another summer of upheaval, is this the 4th season in a row that the team has required wholesale surgery in the close season.

Parkinson has indicated the kids are likely to get a run in the side,so we are preparing for the season ahead, lets see the loanees go back, with maybe the exceptions of Ward - because Mambo is not ready and Holland is not right, and Kandol - if there is a hope in hell that we may buy him for next season.

The big question is who will be at the helm. If I was looking at CV's, I would look at a young manager with a bit of experience and potential for the future - a bit like Parkinson. If he only did not have the failure of the last few months it could be him. Now I fear that the last few months have irreparably tarnished him and his ability to manage any club through a promotion season. do what do we look for, assuming we have the money? Promotion of Kinsella, alongside Powell? An experienced manager with knowledge of the lower leagues - Ade Boothroyd? Anotther Parkie? I don't know, but we need to make the right descison this time, don't think we as a club can afford another bad decision.

As we go back to the third division, one thing is clear I follow Charlton because they are my football team and I want to see them do well, I don't care what division they are in, I just want to see them play well.

For the rest of the season, I will continue to go to games, not to enjoy them, but to endure them and the rest of the season.