Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Home friendly, but not as I know it.

Today the mighty Addicks will be taking on the even mightier Roy Keane fuelled and Kevin Lisbie inspired Ipswich in a friendly. Oh how I remember the Premiership years when pre seasons had an element of excitement of playing exotic teams from afar ... ok the New Zealand national team were not exotic but they were from a far, seeing the new players purchased for the odd million here and there and bringing my Mother in Law, an old dyed in the wool Charlton fan and my wife (her annual pennance since she hates football .. should have married the mother .. 2nd thoughts maybe not).

This season however, I am not going to a pre season friendly to see the dross that took us down, I can do that in a couple of weeks, assuming any are left, when we play Wycome.

The only thing that I will miss tonight, by all accounts, is a protest by the fans over the delay in the completion or otherwise of the takeover. With two weeks till the start of the season we are a shambles. By all accounts Kinsella was at Barnet unpaid, with Fortune on trial at Sheffield we are likely to be down to 1 central defender our forward line has been depleted with only a rumour that a former jail bird MAY sign for us this week.

If Keane has instilled half his killer instinct into Ipswich then tonight is not so much as going to be a friendly as a massacre and I really don't want to be there for that.

Footnote: True to form Charlton won 2-1 - what do I know about football