Friday, 10 April 2009

He who goes around comes around

We know where it is about to end. Football is cyclic, success for the majority, if it comes, comes and goes. We have had it in the 50's , the 80's and crossing over the 90's into the 00's. Our current cycle as it falls into the depths of the third tier began 12 years ago, in my opinion.

Lee Bowyers sale to Leeds was the catalyst for the triumvirate of Curbishley, Varney and Murray to take Charlton from a middling second tier club to an established mid tier Premiership club with real aspirations of Europe. For all his negatives, I will always be grateful to the skill,if not the personality of Lee Bowyer. He went to Leeds on a record fee for a 19 year old, a reported £3,250,000, which as with all Charlton fees we then discounted down to £2,850,000.

It was the 1st time we managed to get a sizable fee for a Charlton player and the money was used to create two legends, Alan Curbishley and Clive Mendonca, amongst others Curs brought in Sir Clive, Eddie Youds, Danny Mills and Steve Jones. We went on to the play off final and the rest is history, till today we stand on the brink of relegation to the third tier.

The result against Birmingham on Saturday, could result in confirmation on Monday of relegation. And who is in town on Saturday,who could put the knife in?

Firstly there is Kevin Philips, I don't think Philips has ever failed to score against us,when I have been watching anyway. The return of Hammeur Bouazza, hot and cold, some spectacular goals, but also rubish whn not on form.

But closing the circle, the man (boy) who was sold to create the club is Lee Bowyer, on loan to Birmingham from West Ham, could he be the one at the tail end of his career, as opposed to the beginning, to score or create the goals that foster Birminghams Premiership ambitions, whilst condemning us to the third tier? What goes around, comes around and Bowyer could be the living example of this.