Friday, 28 May 2010

Nothing beats planning!!

Sadly planning does not appear to be a task or skill that resides in the Charlton board room. At the end of this week apparently Parkie does not know his budget for the forthcoming season. he has transfer targets that he has lined up but he cannot leave the starting line as the board have not fired the gun, meanwhile players around the country are being picked up. last year we missed Jason Puncheon because the prospective new owners told him to hold on and then he would be able to get better players than that, we lost the player and the new owners and a stable left sided midfield for much of the season.

The board were supposed to have met this season to hand Parkie his options, i don't know if they are still deliberating or have not even started to deliberate but we need action and we need it now, even if it means that Parkie can get some pre contract agreements signed.

Why did we have to wait until after the play offs for this to be sorted? There were three scenarios, 1. we went up through the play off final, 2. we were knocked out of the play offs in the final, 3. we were knocked out in the semi finals - that's it "simples", so why not put two plans together, plan a, we are promoted we receive more money we can spend x, plan b we stay in this god forsaken pit of hell of a division and we have x- x% to spend. Parkie now we know what is happening you have z to spend, now go do your job.

Its simples.

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Bailey eat your heart out

Whilst our soon to depart captain has caused much angst with his penalty miss and mis placed pass, he has yet to be honoured with a song to celebrate the event,unlike Leicesters penalty ace.

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Boom time for Blackpool, recession for Charlton.

Well done to Blackpool they have secured their financial position for the next few years, subject to Burnleyesque controls on the purse strings. Well done Particularly to Ian Holloway, a man who I thought was just a clown, who for a few months now I realise is a good manager.
Hopefully the civic dignitaries of Blackpool will recognise the achievement, because the move to the premiership will add significantly to the economy of Blackpool town for the next 12 months, from increased revenue from visiting fans to the increased expenditure on the completion of the groiund and higher disposable income of the players. Blackpool sounds like a well run club (lest we forget so did we!), apparently the players move onto summer contracts now and are being paid £90 per week, nice money if you can get it!
The effects of falling from the grace of the Premiership is all too well known at Charlton. A microcosm of the effect on the local economy can be seen at the Rose of Denmark, a friendly Charlton fans and away fans pub on the Woolwich Rd. During the Prem years the Rod was always bursting on match days, from 11.00 am onwards, nowadays you can get there at 14.00 and easily get to the bar. The car park is virtually empty and the extension built during the heights of our success is really no longer needed.
We talk about football clubs being parts of the community and the two different perspectives of Blackpool and Charlton highlight this!