Sunday, 6 September 2009

Rotten Tomatoes

Rotten tomatoes are being stock piled at the valley for next Saturday. A couple of my Rose of Denmark friends sit just behind the away dug out and I am hoping Tracy and Steve will have been working out their throwing arms. As ever, before a big match I worry that we will lose, our luck will go against us, a poor refereeing decision or a bizarre mistake.
But before my pessimism takes hold, lets bask in the glory of the season so far and even track back a little to the last game of the season when we sent the Norwich down.
The Valley faithful, who have endured something like 4 seasons of poor performances are finally being rewarded
– 4 home wins in a row – 11 goals scored, 4 conceded. (Plus we beat Roy Keanes Ipswich 2-1)
6 games played, 0 lost, 0 drawn, 6 wins – best ever start to a league seasons.
15 goals scored, 3 conceded.
Three clean sheets in a row.
4 clean sheets out of 6.
The highest goal difference in the top flight of English Football
Three players with a 1 in 2 goal scoring record.
5 point buffer between us and the play off places and 8 points off 7th place
24 points off bottom place and fellow relegatee Southampton
10 points off fellow relegatee Norwich.
Only 11 players starting this season, whereas 18 had started after 5 games last season.
Its heady, but early day’s for Charlton supporters. We must not let ourselves get run away with the success but bask in the early glory and gird our loins for the marathon ahead.
That apart every body, get your throwing arms ready for Saturday, give our former manager the welcome he deserves – figuratively speaking of course.