Tuesday, 24 August 2010

From the Hill to the errr ... Hill

I've spent this eveniong at Champion Hill watching Dulwich Hamlets, to feed my need for live football.  I'm not going to review the game for you but just exclaim what the difference is between real football and league football.

The first difference is that when I watch Charlton there is a real passion to see them win, if they score, at Dulwich,dont tell anyone I don't really care, in fact I thought about supporting Whistable Town (the Oyster boys) because they were wearing red with KRBS their sponsors.  Oh Dulwich won 2-0 and we all politely clapped at that point.

I park in the Rose of Denmark at Charlton, about 10 minutes walk from the ground, my car was 22 footsteps from Champion Hill and it took me 10  minutes to drive home from the game, as oppossed to the 10 minutes it can take to get out of the ground at the Valley.

The whole night 2 cups of tea, a sausage in a roll, entrance to the ground and a program came to £11.20, now thats a result!!

Then there was the PA telling "the people behind the goal to make less noise", or the number of balls kicked out of the ground - I lost count.

It was a good evening,but I don't think I could take a season of it!!!!!!!!

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