Thursday, 29 January 2015


Le point has joined today, we seem to be strengthening every where but not the position that we have all screamed out to be filled. Not only have we not strengthened the striker position but we have weakened it in numbers if nothing else with the loaning out of George Tucudean.

We now seem to have a dearth of players who can play at centre half and central midfielder and the good news is there are two more centre halves on the way, potentially.

We need a target man who can muscle and bustle.  In numbers you would normally argue two staters and two back up and in Igor, Watt, Church, Karl Ahearne-Grant we have players but we don't have quality.  Igor has not scored since Reading and the rest have not scored.

I welcome Monsieur Le Point and maybe we need him, but he won't score 10 goals this
Season and nobody on the books currently looks like they could.

There is still time in the window and I hope that Rollies  advisors know more about football than me. However, if we don't add to the forward options I fear for the remainder of the season, starting with Rotherham.


Anonymous said...

There must be players who play in the positions that we need players in, who are not being picked up. We've previously spent ages trying to sign two centre forwards (from where, Belgium of course), who chose not to come in the end. Is all this because our scouts have no connection with the hirearchy and are not trusted? The man who holds the purse strings has no knowledge of the game here? We are attempting quick fix solutions? Is it crisis management when you've changed managers halfway through the window? or all of these things.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I meant our UK scouts.

Anonymous said...

It's Quel not Quelle as Le Point is a masculine word not feminine so let's get our French grammar right shall we.