Sunday, 11 January 2015

He's Got No Hair But We Don't Care, and He's Gone!

The Head Coach is gone, long live the Head Coach!

Firstly, I'd like to thank Bob Peeters for his efforts as our Head Coach, ultimately the the job overwhelmed him and it appears that his run of poor (awful, terrible) results, accompanied by what sounds like him losing the dressing room did for him.

For me, results can always be turned round but if you lose the dressing room then you have to find the exit door and it appears that Roland and Katrien have shown him it.

The margin of success and failure if fine and it could all have been so different if Bikey had not fired high over the bar or Igor Vetokele had not done similar or even if Watts first bit of action, as a red, had been more than just another almost moment. How much better we would have been if Wenger had not recalled Coq.

After a start that involved a large element of luck, Bob's luck ran out and now he is going back to Belgium.

Guy Luzon - Israel v NorwayBob is not totally to blame, Roland has to take his share of the blame.  Positively he invested in the grounds infrastructure and the team, but you need strikers and with only Vetokele being recruited as a striking goal scorer, once he picked up a knock, the goals dried up and the league positions slipped away.

Roland has also to take blame for a rooky manager with only slight knowledge of the Championship.

So who is next?

Could Riga come back ... he would be welcomed but would his or Rolands pride allow it?  Then there is Guy Luzon, a man nobody speaks well of .  More news from the club over  the week and then its off to Watford.  GuHy Luzon - He's got hair but I don't care!


Anonymous said...

Bring Alan Curbishley back!! He said that he is interested in going back to Charlton, he was brilliant for as and knows the league, he used to sign players that had heart and passion for our club, please don't make another mistake and get a shit manager like Guy Luzon that nobody likes, we have a great chance now to get Curbishley back, like what Curbishley said only two foreign managers have got a team promoted from the Championship, hope to see the Charlton back how I used to remember them.

Kap Varma said...

Curbs reigned over the most successful period of our modern history, but I would only have him back in the capacity of Director of Football to give guidance and direction to a younger man, such as Jacko. This is similar to the role Curbs outlined for himself on SSN today.