Saturday, 4 December 2010

GB United - FIFA Steal My Dream

One of the things about my kids that I enjoyed was their innocence and naivety.  As they get older they become wiser and worldly in more ways than us dads would like.  However,we all keep a degree of naivety, sometimes this is ridculed as stupidity others as sweetness. 

I have retained at times the naivety that FIFA and EUFA are there for the benefit of football fans and for the protection of the game.  This week has opened my eyes to this naivety and this is not sweet innocence, its stupidity.

In 2012 Team, GB will be putting forward a team to compete at the London Olympics,it will be the first time that professional GB will compete.  My dissapointment has been that the home country federations have steadfastly refused to join host nation, England, in a GB team. 

I saw this stance as short sighted, parochial and insular.  Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland claimed that FIFA would use this joint team to force GB to operate as a single force in future tournaments. 

This is my naivety, I believed that when FIFA had assured GB that this would not be the case they could be trusted.  Why would FIFA want to consolidate four nations into one, after all, following the break up of the soviet empire they were willing to expand the nations of FIFA enourmously and of course we have seen them hand a word cup to minnows Quatar.

As I say, FIFA had promised that they would not force a GB team to compete jointly and I thought a declaration such as that would never be reneged on.

This week has proved to me that I was naive, Blatter cannot be trusted. He is the Emporer and King maker and I reluctantly say appears anti English.  We will never host a World Cup while he is in charge. 

FIFA stitched up England this week, not decided on a better bid, but determined to humiliate a country which had through its freedom and liberty exposed corruption in FIFA's ranks.  With hindsight, it was like watching the school bully, the flash kid at school being pursued by the little bit over desperate, slightly plain looking girl from the posh part of town.  The bully encouraged her all along made her think she was special but all along he planned to humiliate her in front of the whole school.  The FIFA committee teased us, they promised us their hearts (votes) and when we prostrated ourselves in front of them, humiliated oursleves with our current leader, our future king and our golden boy, they laughed at us turned away and walked arm in arm with an Eastern European pimps daughter, french kissing her to add effect.

So how can we trust FIFA to allow a joint team to represent GB and not have it held against us?  There is only one answer, we can't, so whatever my dream is for joint ventures in the Olympics, it cannot be allowed to happen because we cannot trust the word of FIFA, not now - not ever.


Texas Addick said...

Good post HT, totally agree with you,I dont blame the media one bit for the shambles of a world cup selection,it really beats me when i hear " it was a bad time to expose bribing or wrong doing", does anyone really want to see a vote taken with cheats among the FIFA selectors, knowingly keeping quiet until the vote is taken?, I think not, and I hope now our media goes all out now to uncover this type of corruption within FIFA.

Anonymous said...

I like what you've written there FTHTTV
But in a (dis)United Kingdom such as we now have. Who wants team GB anyway? Not me!

Kap said...

Daggs I would have liked it for the Olympics. You could make the same argument for England, Northerners hate southerners, Southerners hate the midlanders, the midlanders hate everyone etc,.......

Anonymous said...

None of the jocks, sheepshaggers or micks would get into a team thatyhas the cream of england in it anyway, so there is no difference!!

Anonymous said...

Just to clarify Kap. My comment was political not social :)