Sunday, 21 November 2010

Ticket Alert @ The Valley

The message boards today were initially inundated with indignation at having been stopped in the ground yesterday and being asked to show season tickets.  This turned to understanding when it was revealed that fans have been using junior season tickets on an ongoing basis without upgrading.

The club are going to undertake more of these checks and I hope that they do.  When we are crying out for revenue we should not be expecting our own fans to be shafting the club.

If I was the club I would confiscate the season tickets until the owner pays up the full amount, within a certain time period and at the end of that period print their names on the official site and in the program,although I suspect that this would be against their Human Rights.


Hungry Ted said...

Forgive my ignorance, but I've never really understood this problem. Surely if an adult tries to gain access with a child's season ticket the turnstile operator would / should stop them?!?

Or am I to assume this isn't happening - in which case the turnstile operators are clearly not doing their job?

I totally agree with your disappointment that our own fans shouldn't be shafting the club.

Kap said...

HT, the problem is that the turnstile operators cannot have been doing their job properly, so the club should be re training them, whilst checking to make sure that they have done their jobs right. The spot checks should have really taken place at the barriers on Saturday.

Still as we agree no excuse for shafting the club and of course we have no idea of the number of people doing this so it could just be a handful.

Valley Ant said...

Is that where all the East Stand turnstile operators were at 10 to 3 on Saturday?