Wednesday, 8 December 2010

A message to the Toon!

Charlton fan here so I talk from experience. Unlike you when we were linked with Pardew we thought he was the messiah, however he was anything but. His previous chairman described him as a disease in the club (West ham) but he was Icelandic and loooked funny so we ignored him. He'd just been 4 minutes from winning the FA Cup and we sympathised as he had two world class players (Tevez and Maschirano) foisted on him. He talked the good talk, we would survive but if we did not he gave us a profile of the types of players he would bring in. We ignored the rumours of him and non footballing players issues!!

He was not the messiah and he was worse than a naughty boy. The players he brought were opposite to the profile he had suggested and were gambles, young untried from the lower leagues or foreign reserves. Luke Varney is the only one who has made his way back to the peak of foorball and it has taken him a long time, no instant solution. Who has heard of our big signings then Moutakill, McCleod, Youga, Semedo and Racon. The first was finally released in the summer not having been picked for most of his three year career and has yet to find a club, the 2nd the same and has a contract with the mighty Barnet, Youga has potential but has only shown it for 1/2 a season and is now long term injured (not pardews fault) and the last two are spearheading our promotion drive from DIVISION 3. All these players were paid over the odds, on salaries that have subsequently crippled us. So his transfer policy was awful. He readily admits to a policy of buying a quantity of players and expecting most of them to fail.

Don't expect him to admit he has been wrong, he won't its the players fault, the fans fault (Don't ever clap a returning player when he is introduced before the match), he may even blame it on the seating arrangements at the ground (I kid you not)the boards fault, never his and when you get round to sacking him because he has run your club into the ground (starting a season with 3 centre backs and a plethora of midfielder) he will have written into his contract a massive payoff to be paid within a month to compensate him for his incompetence (We had to sell Varney to pay for it). We made mistakes having already made the mistake of employing him, I hope you don't. My final word is I hope he tries to tap up Andy Carolls girlfriend, 'cause I would love to see him take on Duncan Fergusons clone child.

Assuming Pardew does go through you will have had him and Dowie in your ranks the architects of our demise, you should have gone for Curbs, dour and boring he would still have done a great job for you.

Good Luck
(First posted on BBC 606)


Mike BARRY said...

Great grass roots post, why can't the so called pundits and Premier League management see through the veneer by carefully analysing the facts (and even the rumours on the basis of 'no smoke without fire').
If SAP is good at anything, it is selling himself (to management if not players).
Salesmen are the most gullible and easiest to sell to, and ASshley fits into that bracket.
He can afford to gamble on a contract that pays him a small fortune if he succeeds and substantially less if he fails.
If Ashley has any sense, he'll not give him a cheque book.

Anonymous said...

The whole thing is beyond me. How can an owner get the sack at a club who at the very best could expect to avoid relegation when they are currently sitting in 11th place in the Premiership, and employ a tried and failed manager in his place. Hughton was on £400k a year, hardly an exhorbitant ammount for a premiership manager, i guess Pardew will be on more. There is something dodgy about this. I dont know what it is but Ashley doesn't need Charlton fans to tell him how usless Pardew is, his record says it all. I smell something very fishy.....

Anonymous said...

For the record, Kelly Youga was a Curbishley signing.

I also remember those foreign youngsters signed by Pardew, Christenson and Jensen. Parky sent them packing having left mighty holes in the clubs finanaces and not having played a single first team game

Kap said...

Good point about Kelly Youga, got carried away with my dislike for Pardoo

Floyd said...

likin' it Kap...