Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Youngsters chance

A lot of people over the summer have suggested that if we had played the "yoof" more last season we would have got promotion, we'll never know and thoughts vary, but one thing seems certain, some of them will get a chance.

Frazer Richardson has left to go to Big Nose. Now I thought he had a good start to the season, rubbish middle and fine finish, good going forward but suffered from penalty area vertigo and as he got close would lose possession for the team and be seen hurtling back to get in position, the obvious exception being his goal.

The alleged £450,000, probably includes add ons, but not bad business for some one who 12 months ago came in on a free. Chris Solly has been on the edge for 18 months now. Parkie said recently, probably in the know, that Solly needs to cement a regular first team spot, well he has that opportunity now through the friendlies and if he has survives them then into the real season, good luck to him.

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