Friday, 2 July 2010

Could this be the way ahead

Richard Murray anounced today,following the departure of Stuart Fleetwood, Charlton's strategic review, commenced on the departure of Alan Pardew has now been completed, in record time.

Murray was proud to confirm rumours that the club were to leave Division One. With the reduction in playing staff the club has decided to maintian its reduced wage bill and compete in the National 5 - a - side Power League. For the first time The Valley will be sponsored and will for the next three seasons be known as The Power League Valley, with the Valley pitch being divided into 5 5 -a-side pitches and one 7 - a- side pitch.

Said Murray, "more and more clubs will be taking this route, once again Charlton Athletic will be seen as trail blazers for the little clubs."

Rick Everitt, Charlton Athletics communications maanger was last seen banging his head against a wall outisde the Valley.

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