Monday, 28 June 2010

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So we are out, humiliated by the hun, not another historic hard fought draw and an exit on penalties for this bunch of players, no its abject failure this time lads.
It is announced today that the FA will take two weeks to make their mind up regarding Capello’s future, what a load of bollocks, yes or no make the decision today. 24 hours ago I felt 75:25 that capello should stay now that is reversed. It is reversed because he is not the man we thought he would be, the man that took us through the qualifying rounds with ease.
In addition, this defeat throws up so many questions about our league. Along with Spain we compete as the top league in the world, but in doing so we have attracted un heard of riches. Just a few days ago I read an interesting comparison between the Premier League and the Bundesliga, maybe we should take note.
However, back to Capello, The Godfather, now the Odd father. Until we arrived here the Godfather Capello was untouchable, but this campaign has been a disastrous failure. Remember Capello stated he would only play players in form and fit. He had masterminded qualification through this policy and no man was allowed to oppose him, even showing his mettle by ripping the arm band from philandering captain.
His approach and results created a strong team spirit and amongst the team a sensible team work ethic.
But now we see a different Capello:-
1. He goes cap in hand to Carragher, Scholes and King begging them their participation in the squad, surely this undermines the squads that qualified’s self confidence and undermines self belief? To add to that Carragher cried off from international football – because he could not get in the team.
2. Will play only fit players. For a brief moment in time ledley King was fit but you did not need a crystal ball to know he was not going to stay that way.
3. There will be no prima donnas, no untouchables in Capello’s squads, well not unless you take into account Wayne Rooney. Darren Bent may not be as gifted as Rooney but he would have grafted and worked and may well have got a goal.
“Two world cups and still no goals- Rooney, Rooney”
4. Still we have match winners like – oh Joe Cole, why not play him?
5. Gerrrard knows how to play the support striker role and Rooney likes to be the lone striker, why not play players in positions we knw they thrive in.
6. Emile, ……. Emile he’s lovely, he’s cuddly but he is no goal scorer so why bring him on when we need goals. Crouch is not a prolific scorer against top international teams but he is a scorer and the germans did not look that good at the back so why not have a go.
7. No tactics changed during the games, no wily old fox manoeuvre to out wit …… well anybody.
8. Not winning would be failure --- his words not mine … failure!!!
9. If you take our last major tournament, we did not get there so it’s a big tick for Capello, but if you take Svens reign we were quarter finalists three times, two of which we only lost on penalties.
10. We are 8th in the world so quarter finals are par, last 16 is not.
I am undecided and on the other hand maybe we should keep him:-
1. He will have gained so much from this experience and not just ulcers.
2. We can’t afford to sack him having negotiated away our get out clause.
3. Can we really expect Rednap, Hodgson to do any better with the rabble we have got.
4. He is more fun to watch than Sven on the sidelines and we know where his head will be!!
5. Anyone can make a mistake, even when they are earning £6million.
6. Chopping and changing every two years won’t benefit us.
7. This was just a symptom of the malaise of English football.

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Capello to stay please!!!