Sunday, 24 June 2007

Scott Carson

This weekend there has been confirmation that Rafa the gaffer has decided that Scott Carson will not be allowed to leave Anfield, dashing that minute hope we had of either getting him on another season loan or even as a make weight in any deal involving Darren Bent going the other way.

Like the two other scotts that have played for Charlton during my period of following the Addicks (Minto and Parker) Carson leaves us with memories of a great prospect, who has yet to achieve his full potential, but in his case he served us well and of course is the first non Charlton player to achieve the Player of The Season accolade.

if you look at his record since joining us, you'll record a player that was between the sticks for our relegation and you will see the number of goals he conceded, but this belies the fact that he saved us from so many potentially bigger defeats. I can only remember two occasions where he could be faulted for goals Pompey at home and Blackburn away, thats not a bad record for any keeper let alone a young guy in a poor team learning his trade.

Scott leaves me with one overriding memory and it is that game, where he really was the only one who was fit to wear the shirt. he was the only one who showed that he cared, that saluted the crowd when the likes of Jerome Thomas against Wycombe, treated us with contempt, here was someone who was not ours, was a Liverpool player, a man with a future whatever we thought of him and he acknowledged the crowd and showed humility to us.

I hope that the new record cap holder at U21 level makes his Anfield break through, but if he does not then Desperate Dan knows there is a place just waiting for him in a Valley in South East London. Thanks Scott and best of luck for the future.