Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Decree Nisi Yet To Be Pronounced

According to the website there maybe a last minute reprieve for the womens team, although I suspect the way all of this has happened the first teamers will probably be wanting to get into other teams as quick as possible.

The statement seems fair enough, although the comments "

"No sponsorship or television revenues are received from the Football Association and none appear likely in the immediate future, and therefore the ability to attract sponsorship for the women's section is very limited as any potential sponsor has limited exposure.

"What a sponsor wants is exposure on television and, apart from the FA Cup final, women's football has no great exposure and can therefore create no brand awareness. This is a problem by no means unique to Charlton.

"In addition very few Charlton supporters watch the first-team matches in particular, and therefore gate revenues are minimal.”

Are no different today from when we first took over croydons Ladies team (No not Simon Jordans lot, they are not Ladies) and the whole premise behind the Womens team must have consisted of very short term thinking. What would have happened if we had been relegated in the first season, or the second or the third .......

The Club could have done more to market the womens team, sticking them out in Gravesend may have been one reason why I never went to see them, down there. Why after the successful matches at the valley didn't they play there for the last two seasons at all, not every game but two a season, against say Arsenal and Everton, plus there is more that could have been done.

That being said Womens football in this country is under marketed and under supported and we were better than most. Hopefully something will come of this sponsorship deal, but I doubt it and I think we will see little more of the womens game under the auspices of Charlton and i suppose testimony to the thinking by men about the womens game is that Liverpool, Man U and Chelsea either do not have a womens team or it plays a low level of football.

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