Sunday, 3 June 2007

Rednapps Nuts

Big Herman has already departed to Pompey and now allegedly Matty Holland is on his way, for a two year contract. Now no one would begrudge these two stalwarts of recent Charlton campaigns another couple of seasons on the old Premiership gravy train, but if I was a Pompey fan I would be seriously asking myself HAS HARRY GONE NUTS ... both players are at the end of their careers, their performances during the last two seasons have been below the standard required to hold down a premiership place consistently. Oh yes Holland did well, but lets face it he hardly tore up any trees with his performances, huffing and puffing around the park keeping his shorts persil white and if we had stayed in the Prem more than likely he would be released. One goal from this mid field dynamo all season and lets not forget his miss against Watford that, if scored, would have avoided the need for missibe to be blamed for the final minute dropping of two points. As for Herman, bless his cotton socks, he seemed for most of the season too intent on have an argument with nobody and making crucial mistakes in front of goal to really be considered Prem material anymore. But hey, if Harry is up for it, we can point him in the direction of a few others that would not be considered worthy of the Prem, Marcus Bent would be a great buy Harry come on down mate, he's all yours.

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