Friday, 8 June 2007

Charlton Fans flounder, while Marcus Bent shines for the Addicks

Did anyone else watch the mayday for nurses progam last night on Channel 4. If you did not then a brief summary is that Dr Noreena Hertz pledged at the Nurses Union conference that she would get all Premiership Footballers to give up a days wages for the Nurses as a way of making a point to the Government of how poorly they have and continue to treat the nurses. May day for Nurses has a website giving details of who donated. Dr Hertz failed in her objective, she only got about half of them, but as we know they are a bunch of greedy so and so's, so even that was a pretty good achievment.

Fulham, Blackburn, Bolton and Reading come out of this really well, with most of the squad if not all contributing. Wigan and Chelsea poorly only one player at Wigan and non at Chelsea, although to be fair they did donate on behalf of the Club. From watching the program Man U came out looking god, but then you see that on Ryan Giggs and Gary Neville contributed , so that was a bit rich.

What about Charlton, the good solid and gritty core of the squad contributed, a total of 8 players including Marcus Bent - 7 Englishmen and an Icelandic international.

There is also a league table of fans who have contributed. Leading the way by almost 4,000 fans are Spurs, with 6,722 doners. In 11th place are Chelski - ok just cause the owner uses paper roubles to wipe his .... it does not mean the fans have loads of money and in 20th and bottom place are Charlton with only 370 fans, 60 below 19th Bolton and over 6000 fans less than Spurs. We can still donate now, its not too late.

Incidentally Dr Hertz is an economics academic who has written several books.given that pedigree, I wonder if our own outstanding blogger Wyn Grant could start his own campaign next year "Mayday for Charlton bloggers!"

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charlton north-downs said...

My wife was a nurse and is now a health visitor for the NHS, ten times more stressful than my job. Watching the programme last night, just made me crinch. When you realise Premiership footballers earn in two weeks more than a full time nurse earns in a year,its just bloody crazy.