Wednesday, 6 June 2007

The Grotesqueness that is the Premier League

OK, I admit it, I am a tad jealous of the teams that are in the 1st tier of English Football. So I have admitted that, but now the serious point.

As I was on the Bus today reading the Independent I was struck by an article on Rhys Weston, formerly of Arsenal and Cardiff, at 26 waiting for the phone to ring to resurrect his career. Weston as the article points out made his Arsenal debut with fellow debutant Ashley Cole and went to Lilleshall with Scott Parker. He's been on a fair wack, the Championship average earnings is £180,000 and last season he dropped to around £60,000. So should we feel sorry for him, probably not but he is an honest professional, he has done ok, till now and he'll probably get a new contract some where. But if you just look at whats happening above his level, into the 1st tier of English football, the world has gone mad................ again. Joey Barton a talented player with a temperament that would see him sharing a cell with his half brother, is moving to Newcastle and will earn a wacking £70,000 per week and whats triggered this move - not stubbing a cigarette out in the eye of a fellow player, no it was an assault on his team mate putting him in hospital and is still threatening to go to court, West Ham under our own former esteemed leader are possibly going to bid £20 million for former Palarse forward Andy Johnson, the same Andy Johnson who at the beginning of last season moved for £8 million - has he really improved that much or has the gravy boat spilled over with the new tv deal and are the premiership teams splashing out on wages and transfer fees - not for glory but for a position next year behind Chelsea, Man U, Liverpool and Arsenal.

Whatever happened to our beautiful game, now it is a dollars and cents business with loads of roubles thrown in, half wit skilless millionaires are being snapped up by Premier League teams - Marlon Harewood for £4 million - ffsake - leaving players with only heart and commitment for the Championship to contend with and if they ever show a sign of quality they will be snapped up for a reserve game in the FA Premier League, unable to progress unable to leave.

I really hope that we get back at our first attempt, but I also really question if we will ever now be able to compete at top flight level again.

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