Tuesday, 5 May 2015

A Dickensian Year

"It was Best of times, it was the Worst of times."

Charles Dickens summed up the very essence of being a Charlton supporter and of our season in this line from “A Tale Of Two Cities.”

Hope over expectation, Hopes dashed on the rocks of reality … So many phrases can be used for us addicks and the life we lead.

And that’s it 2014/15 is over, the campaign is confined to the history books, we’ve had our highs and our lows and a fair bit in between.

We had a new manager, we loved him, despite his Millwall past and helped by his attempt to smash Uwe Rossler, then we sacked him and we hated him.  We had a new manager, we hated him, then we appointed him and then we loved him.

We had our own peasants revolt. In a cold Hall in Woolwich the rabble roused, it's not about results we said, and the results got better and the rabble dispersed and the Trust appeared to go quiet.

We went unbeaten longer than any  others, neck and neck with Forest. And both Clubs proved, being unbeaten does not win promotion, too many draws and after clutching wins from jaws of a draw, we sunk to a stream of draws and multiple defeats, before we swung back with the SE7 version of total football and a streak of winning games.

Our fans  hit the  depths with a couple of alleged supporters spitting at former player of the year, Scott Carson, but the true Charlton emerged as the perpetrators were roundly condemned by their fellow fans and we rose to the occasion when Bournemouth took over our ground to receive the Championship.

The fantastic Valley pitch
The owners, can we still call them new?, continue to make errors on the customer service front, the catering is not fit for purpose and if ever you wanted to drive people away from buying programmes just ask Charlton. Season ticket prices have stayed low, but the increasing of the upper age concession is unnecessary and a slap in the face to long term supporters. On the other hand the pitch is something to be proud of and the big surprise is that Rotherham came first in the season pitch awards, the new seats were put in place and we are promised a new screen and a credit card entry system – welcome to the 21st century Charlton.

JBG at Eltham Addicks
On the playing field, on the whole the owners have moved forward from the days of Reza Piotr … But Roland can't help himself and we got Le Point and Tucudean, no where good enough, although Le Points recruitment did bring light relief in the fabulous Ghent fans who came to see him, when he was not even selected for the bench. However you balance that with the recruitment of Igor Vetokele and Johan Berg Gudmonson and later Watts, Roger Johnson, Chris Eagles and Diarra, as well as the Ioan's of Bulot and Buyens and the continued development of the youth – Cousins and Gomez – respectively Player and young player of the year.

Of course and finally we have the CEO accused of lying over the management situation, telling the fans that we’ll just have to accept Duchatalets way, the target of an insidious anti campaign, and an uncomfortable train journey, but on the other hand I believe that the managerial situation was her being undermined by her boss, I've worked for people like Duchatalet before and believe me, it's no
Katrien Miere
at Bromley
fun when they cut you off at the knees, she has been charming and more balls than many of the keyboard warriors – continuing to travel with supporters, she has been open with fans at forums but won't be bullied. Overall with me she's in credit but needs to implement some of her ideas with more care and comprehension . The programmes and catering were a shambles and the communication with fans has at times been even worse, although at others has been good. But she shouts with us, she walks with us, she's despondent with us and for now that will do for me.

So that's it . 12th, a non entity of a position, but it has been one of the most interesting seasons supporting Charlton where we have not been looking positively or negatively at getting out of the division.

It may have been the best of times it may have been the worst of times but at least no one lost their head …. Well no one except Bob Peters.

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Ketts said...

Brilliant piece Kap, well done.