Monday, 8 August 2016

EFL add to Charlton's PR disasters.

So a whole season and division has passed since my last posting and I look at my last and feel a sense of betrayal or at least disappointment.

Mel Beroni came, PR'd and left, Guy Luzon came bounced up and down and Left, Riga came looked studious and left and so too the fans came and many have now departed.

The positives are the new look team and manager and it won't be until the end of the month that we know if the depth of squad issue will be addressed.

I can't even try and claim that Katrien is with us, as I felt in May 2005, mainly through hers and Duchatalets actions she has alienated herself from the fans, in a way that is is hard to imagine anyone could.  To talk to she is a charming individual, but she has made mistake after mistake.  In those discussions I have had with her she has had some interesting and yes positive ideas about football, which she will be able to contribute to the wider footballing community in her new role.

However, our house is burning down the house for which she is a custodian, if not the custodian and you wonder why on earth she would turn her back on our house fire to participate in what at best is a board room game of English Football.

It appears that Katrien will be with us for a long time to come, it is virtually impossible to find any part of her job, other than being charming that she has succeeded in.  She appears to be impervious to the attacks on her, some of which have been delivered in a tone and language that is totally unacceptable, but she must wear metal knickers because she deflects these attacks every time.

Unlike CARD my single objective is not to get rid of this regime, it is to have the club playing good winning football on the field and the business side of it run efficiently and effectively.  One of the strategies for doing this  is getting the Belgians out and we should run this along with others that also includes playing the waiting game.  In them meantime, we can hope that Katriens networking either finds her her next job or that she is shown the error of her ways by those that know and the direction of the club changes significantly.

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