Tuesday, 3 March 2015

The reason why ......

Ole, ole, ole
Ole, ole
Tony Watt, Watt Watt

This is the reason why we support Charlton and not Man Utd or Arsenal or Man City or any other of the top clubs.

We lose games, more often than not we are on the wrong side of the score line, dropping points here and there.  Frustration abounds when supporting Charlton.

But every now and again comes a stream of bright sunlight, a moment in time when all  that frustration is swept aside.

The Play Off Final, The Division One Championship winning season and then there are individual games or even just moments of a game like Johnie Jackson last minute winner against QPR.

Today four wins out of five, when we could not see the next point, when the fans were questioning the commitment of the owners (and we still don't understand their game plan), but today, tonight, tonight was about football and Charlton and a celebration of quality football.

Forest probably had more possession, but we made the chances and were the more dangerous and throughout my time supporting / following Charlton when we have taken the ball into the corner to waste time we have lost possession.  Tonight Tony Watt, Frederick Bulot and Jordan Cousins kept the ball in the corner for the combined minutage that we have held the ball in my 40 years, it was a joy to watch.

The bubble of our recent success rose over night and it may burst overnight, but these games since Watford are why we follow Charlton and not the fancy dans of the Premiership.


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