Saturday, 28 February 2015

Fleecing the fans - Part 1

Ok I am going to defend the new regime, sorry.

There are two issues today that have fans screaming blue murder at the new regime fleecing them.  Today's programme price and the new Season Ticket prices.

The first is today's programme, a special edition is being sold at £4 instead of the usual £3.  The club are giving a proportion to the community trust, it would be nice if they were to say what proportion.

The club are being accused of profiteering from a large crowd.  If we go back to that last "Football for a Fiver", the club charged £5 plus a £1 to charity and there was no choice over paying the extra. This year we have a choice over contributing the extra £1 so if you don't like it don't buy the programme.

- Got to get to the game now, so comments on ST prices will follow in part 2.

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Plasddick said...

I've taken my son and my Dad to the football today for the princely sum of £19 - three tickets and a copy of Valley Review.

Can't say that I feel fleeced.