Saturday, 12 July 2014

The secret of Lionel Messi

It's not much of a secret as I found this out on the internet. As a recent trustee of an autism charity and with a wife who amongst many other things works with autistic children, I found it fascinating that Lionel Messi was diagnosed as autistic at 8 years old.

Rather than a hindrance this has helped him be the player he is.  Autistic children have a torrid time despite the increase on awareness of the condition, there are many who feel giving them a clip round the ear would sort them out. It is great that parents, teachers and helpers are able to use Messi as a role model for developing children in a world that portrays too many negatives.


Anonymous said...

Messi is not autistic he has never been diagnosed why do so many label him

kappacino said...

Probably because he is included amongst a number of celebrities as having autism and having been diagnosed at 8.

you might be right and the rest of the internet wrong.

I just thought it was an interesting fact, especially in a world that stigmatises autism.