Thursday, 29 May 2014

Underwhelmed by the new manager - Thats what we do!

So the new manager has been announced Bob Peeters and Charlton fans pronounce a massive "Who are you? And what about Riga?" and a constant phrase used is "Well I am underwhelmed by this appointment!".

I have news for Charlton fans .. being underwhelmed by new managers is what we do.  To be fair I can only recall one change over prior to Lennie and that was Eddie Firmani - club legend, Chris Powell was not the first - handing over to Theo Foley.

When Lennie took over, later to become one of our top three managers, we were underwhelmed we wanted a Shanlyesque manager, but we got an assistant, a former PE teacher - underwhelmed!

Roger Alwen appointed as Lennies successor a joint managership, oh how embarrassed were we  - oh how the world of Football laughed.  Gritt and Curbishley how underwhelmed were we.

Richard Murray decided to get rid of  Gritt and leave Curbs in charge.  Wrong man, we cried, West Ham fan we screamed. Underwhelmed were we by another of the top three managers.

When Curbs was released in an unusually civilised removal, the Palace manager comes in, after a press conference where Dowie is served with a writ, were we happy that Murray had stuck it to Jordan .. no we were thoroughly underwhelmed.

As Dowie served his time, Les Reed came in and our enthusiasm for the departure of Dowie was underwhelmed by promotion of this fantastic coach, but a man born not to manage.

And then we had it, the board was enthusiastic, the fans were overjoyed .. we may even have been over whelmed ... Super Al, Super Alan Pardew .. subsequently renamed big nose ... that joy worked out well!!??!!

Then came Parkie, even supporters like me, have to admit the tarnishing of Parkinson from being part of big noses regime and a win less run which resulted in his appointment was pretty underwhelming.

And finally, my second overwhelming appointment ... Chris Powell ... 15th Div 1, Record points promotion to League 1, 9th in Championship.

So Bob .. welcome we are totally underwhelmed  by your appointment, but worry you not, you're in good company of two of the top three managers in Charltons history, if you come near to joining them we'll be in a pretty good place.

In the meantime, we're underwhelmed by your appointment ....... thats what we do!!!

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Ketts said...

Welcome back Kap, you've been gone too long!