Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Madness or Love?

Being a football fan is strange, I am sure that someone studying human behaviour would pigeon hole us somewhere.  I cannot think in any other area that the behaviour of constant dissapointment is not only ignored but continually paid for.  Every fortnight and more for 9 months we trudge wearily to watch our team and even in victory we are dissapointed the majorirty of the time.  I recently posted about the last time we really enjoyed a game.... Reading in the relegation from the championship season, West Ham in relegation from the prem season and still we go.  For five years (and more) we have been utter, utter, utter utterly .. not very good .. ok shite.

Can you imagine watching a TV series giving a modicum of the amount  of grief that we receive and still being watched week in week out for five years, more likely the TV would go through the window.

And this season when our expectations have been raised  so high and dashed so low and many of us are still renewing for next year! Its some form of madness, akin to bashing your head against the wall and hoping with each thud for a different result.

A labour of love or madness.... or both


Anonymous said...

Unfortuneately since that West Ham match, the sensible ones that wanted to keep their sanity, no longer come, and even the number of mad people like you and I that are still going, are dwindling fast.

Confidential Rick said...

We live for the day when it all becomes good again..whenever that far-off day is. A bit like those believers who believe their reward will come as they pass through those pearly turnstiles!

Kings Hill Addick said...

More like those fools that are down the bookies trying to gamble their way out of trouble while their wives and children are being evicted from their home.

There is no reason to continue throwing good money after bad as the football club we love deteriates into something that, if it were attached to a life support machine, would be put out of it's misery.

When some were complaining about our stagnating in the Premier League I hung my head in shame, now the shame is too much to bear.