Saturday, 19 March 2011

A Dagger through the heart!

This was my first away game of the season and I saw an attractive game of football, unfortunately it was in the pub before hand and was made even more enjoyable as Judas Defoe fluffed his lines.

I liked the non league ground of Daggers and the friendly staff that they had there. Equally others may have been upset with their keeper but he only bantered back to us, was humouress rather than obnoxious and gave us something to laugh about, as he danced to you fat bastard, which is something our own team failed to do.

Parrett did a couple of nice touches but overall looked like he was in post traumatic shock much of the time as he realised that his fellow players lacked the application and ability he had.  Don't expect him to play on Tuesday as he was being helped from the pitch with what looked like a hamstring or calf problem.

CP wore a tracksuit today and folks he proved that it does not matter what sort of suit you wear, your mode of attire does not affect how your team play.

What Ecclestone has done to deserve to be benched let alone be the last player to be brought on god only know.

To be fair after a dicey first five minutes, we were the only team who were likely to win this game,that is until they scored, then the recent form told and we were lacking in confidence.  Dailey is looking like an old man who has played one too many seasons, although I suspect that with the loss of Parkie his heart may no longer be with charlton.

My friend texted to me a radio comment

"If the whole Charlton team had the work ethic of Miguel Llerra or indeed of Dagenham & Redbridge, they (charlton)) would not find themselves in this predicament"

During that positive spell BWP, Nouble anda host of other players looked good, but soon descended into ineptitude.

The home following today would not have filled our away end and this team has taken 5 points from us this season, I am not sure how this has happened.

The players are not good enough I hear, yes they are they went 11 games un beaten in October November.

Its difficult to know where we go from here, we have just been through the easy part of our season and we have Saints on Tuesday, we currently stand at 4-1-7, what bets for 5-1-7 by wednesday morning? Not many. o


StoneMuse said...

Where do we go from here ? Mid-table obscurity I reckon ... this season is over and it's possibly the worst ever

Kings Hill Addick said...

I'm not coninced we will not have a bit of a scramble at the bottom before May.

Another six games without a win (more that just possible) and we could find ourselves just ne win above the drop zone.

Maybe we will have an exciting end to the season yet!