Thursday, 10 March 2011

If we got to the play offs

I watched Spurs last night and reminisced about the fact that until we were relegated from the prem. we had a better Prem record than them and I was jealous.  I watched their fans celebrating and I felt the emotions that thye were feeling, that inner warmth that grows and grows.  The last time I can remember that feeling, strangely was a defeat and a relegation, but it was a warmth of pride in our shirt as all the fans at the Valley stood and sung and sung loud and of course it was our last home prem game against Spurs.

It is difficult, as a charlton fan,  to remember the times when you chest has swelled and you have glowed with pride, probably the Play Off final was another experience when it happened.

As we drift away from the Playoff places for more than the obvious reason, I want us to turn things round and get into a play off place. For us that would be a bonus and we would hold the 1st leg at home.  If we could play that game at the Valley and come away with a decent result, just thinking about it brings back that warmth to my chest and a glow.  I want a night like Spurs fans have just had, even if we don't get promotion, we deserve as fans one good night in five years and if we can go on to have more this season,it would be so great so motivating, I just hope the boys can do it.


The Exile said...

I know that feeling. Indeed I felt it at the play-off final, and upon winning the First Division title 2 years later, and most importantly I felt it in our very first game back at the valley.

I always wanted a decent cup run when we were in the Prem in the hope to ignite that feeling once more on another outing to Wembley (or Cardiff). Sadly we were awful in the cup under Curbs and the day never came.

Hungry Ted said...

Great post. I feel exactly the same. I remember that Spurs game well, particularly the chorus of 'Valley Floyd Road' just after they scored their second goal and effectively rubber-stamped our relegation. It was one of those moments that still lifts the hairs on the back of my neck when I think about it. One such moment that genuinely made me proud to be an Addick!

It seems such a long time ago since we had anything substantial to really get excited about.

But the problem is, a cup run just isn't enough for me. We could get to the semi-final of the FA Cup but it would mean next to nothing compared with my desire to get out of Division 3. I can only dream about what it must be like to be a Brighton fan at the moment (or Bournemouth)

Other than the games noted by The Exile above, one game that will forever live with me was beating Chelsea 4-2 at home on Boxing Day 2003. I was absolutely bursting with pride on the way home and I didn't loose my grin for days.

Our time will come...

Kap said...

I remember the Chelsea game too, not least because I had lent my 2nd st to a guy who worked for me, who supported chelsea, as each goal went in his shoulders sank more and more.

We won't be in this league for too much longer, but each day seems like a life time.

Jon said...

The Chelsea game certainly is up there, even if we played the last 20 minuites on our 18 yard line (and we were winning 4-1 at the time!).

Here's another one - 4th Nov 2001. Arsenal 2 Charlton 4.

Although way back in 1989, 2-2 at Highbury was good as well.

crowborough addick said...

If you remember we all sang"always look on the bright side of life".

It seems a bit ironic at the moment. I think the only solution is a total rebuild.