Thursday, 10 March 2011

The gap against last season is growing

The enthusiasm I had for taking an alternative look at this season versus last season is waning as the negative gap that appeared only recently grows.

After Peterboro we were 5 points ahead of where we had been against the same or equivalent opposition last year, but the abject results recently have resulted in a deficit of 8 points after MK Dons and it does not get much better, failure to collect full points against Brentford will see the gap widen, since we beat them last season in the only home game that I missed.

Throughout the season we have been there or there abouts against last season achieving a six point positive against no more a negative of 3 points, until now.

We are unlikely to close this gap over the next 5 games as we won 4 of the equivalent games last season, drawing the 5th against Southampton at home.  The following 5 only delivered 6 points so there is the possibility that the deficit can be eaten into.

Of course these stats are just a bit of fun and the real point is not about the equivalence against last season, but what we do in the remainder of this season and whether we are in the playoffs with a better (unlikely) or worse (likely) points level than last season.

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