Thursday, 5 August 2010

Let loose the dogs of war.....

But who are the dogs of war? With 48 hours to go, we have not got a full deck of cards and worryingly enough, the vital parts of the puzzle the strikers still are missing the vital piece, a 20 goal a season striker.

Last season we saw Norwich through Holt and Leeds through Beckford amongst others gain promotion with strikers. Millwall in the run in had strikers hitting the back of the net, whereas we failed to have a prolific scorer and eventaully missed out on promotion by probably three goals.

Parkie has done exceptionally well, I cannot disagree with a single signing, we appear to have a solid defence, the retention of Semedo, Racon and re introduction of Jackson and Reid along with Mcormack, gives us a balance that will hopefully, and I believe it will, make up for the loss of Bailey and Sam.

Abbot is a good addition and hopefully will chip in with goals but he is not going to be the main man, nor is Akpoe or numberless Tuna. Nor will having only two strikers strike fear into the hearts of our opponents.
We need to be patient Parkie says, but we also need a team and our fortunes for the forthcoming season cannot be determined untilthe jigsaw is put together in a bit more detail.

We could be mid table, we could be lower table,we could be top. On Saturday Parkie will unleash his dogs of war, I just hope they are rottweillers and not french poodles.

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Anonymous said...

Like the new format btw Kap. Hope Parkie find that terrier we need up front pretty soon. Miss Kish